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The Diver Day - 2015

Silicic Souls

Culture connects people despite a difficult situation. Alexey Kozhanov’s exhibition by the Museum of the World Ocean (Kaliningrad, Russia) has been successfully displayed in the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Warsaw.

The exhibition moves visitors to the distant future, more than thousand years forward, and can radically change their view of reality. Mysterious world of the future was created by Alexey Kozhanov, Kaliningrad artist. Today he is famous worldwide as a concept artist of Prometheus, science fiction film, by 20th Century FOX. Silicic Souls exhibition is something special, something that will reveal a way for development of humankind from an unfamiliar angle. You can take a glance at this unbelievable World thanks to combination of various digital techniques that created separate pictures as if the author photographed them. The works depict a legend about incredible progress of Humankind related to transformation of biological structures. They are about artificial silicic souls that are getting more dissimilar to real human beings but still keep their dreams about Miracle.

Alex Kozhanov aka Gutalin

He was born on April 10, 1962. Alex has got no special education in arts. He participated in Russian and international displays of computer graphics and photography. Alex cooperated with 20th Century FOX Film Corporation and Paramount Pictures Corporation as a concept artist. He developed ZBrush 3D graphics software for Pixologic Incorporated and demonstrated its capabilities on the official web-page of the developer. Alex developed concept design of disk covers for OBLIVION MACHINE (Russia) and Boston (USA) rock groups.

The Long Sausage Day - 2015

Prussian Cat’s Research Laboratory


On February 14 (Saturday), the Long Sausage Day entertains you with fairy-tales about the old town. The Prussian Cat is one of the narrators. He invites little guests to the research laboratory where they are together going to invent snow and help an alien from a planet Lukorami to manage ecological catastrophe on its mother planet. Guests can take part in exciting chemical experiments at the interactive show – bubbles soaring out of flowers, a talking rat, a synchrophasotron mega transformer and spherical objects flying in weightlessness will bring you lively impressions and real snow will be a grandiose final of the sc-fi show.

You are welcome to Prussian Cat’s Adventures interactive multimedia show held in Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad exhibition hall on February 14.

The show is performed at 12:30, 13:30 and 14:30.

Tickets are available in the Museum of the World Ocean and Akropol shopping mall (Hobby-dom shop, floor 4).

Please, contact us: 007.4012. 53.17.44, 007.4012.38.55.95 and 007.4012.31.10.66.


Birthday at The Grand Embassy Historical and Cultural Centre

On February 15 (Sunday), the museum invites you to celebrate the birthday of The Grand Embassy historical and cultural centre in the Koenig Gate.


  • 12:00 – a lecture about the Royal Castle in a virtual reconstruction;
  • 13:00–15:00 – Legenda ensemble performance;
  • 16:00 – Week-end Evening (Diplomatic Koenigsberg – the Consulate of the Soviet Union in Koenigsberg,1923-1941 lecture) with Yuri Kostyashov, Doctor of History; Prof of Foreign History and International Relations, faculty of history,  I.Kant BFU.


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