Petrine marks in the Kaliningrad Land


In 2022, Russia is celebrating the 350th anniversary of the first Russian emperor Peter the Great. We are getting ready for the jubilee events and have already opened a new exhibition at the ‘Ship’s Revival’ historical and cultural centre (Friedrichsburg Gate). In this regard, the Museum of the World Ocean is happy to invite you to ‘The Petrine Marks in the Kaliningrad Land’.

A new project is devoted to Peter the Great’s numerous visits to Prussia: young tsar’s travels on land as well as along inner waterways via the lagoons, rivers and channels. The exhibition gives a deeper understanding of the region’s past, it helps to keep the memory of historic places related to Peter I and brings you closer to the personality of the Russian crown-bearing reformer.

At the exhibition you’ll learn the following:

  • where the first fireworks, welcoming the Russian monarch to Prussia, were saluted;
  • where Peter I stayed in Koenigsberg and who was his trusted representative;
  • what surviving buildings and houses “witnessed” the young tsar;
  • how Peter spent his time in Koenigsberg and what impressed the future emperor most.

Having studied a huge number of materials, the authors made a very interesting document – a map displaying the young tsar’s travel route in Prussia in different periods. The exhibition features prints (engravings) of towns, castles and
fortresses as well as modern photographs of cultural heritage objects, whi ch witnessed Peter I in this land. Come to the Friedrichsburg Gate and make a real journey along significant Petrinespots in the Kaliningrad Land!

The exhibition is on until late 2022.


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