Jackboot at the Friedrichsburg Gate

On October 13, one of the most peculiar city sculptures was solemnly handed over to be displayed at the territory of the Friedrichsburg Gate (branch of the Museum of the World Ocean) – the legendary Baron Munchausen’s jackboot. The sculpture was installed in 2014 but then removed for restoration and now it would “settle” at the museum again. Restoration works were performed by the Ornimental Premium company.

“The gate of the Fort Friedrichsburg, built in 1657, is connected with Munchausen with one of the legends: this was here in 1744, when the baron, in Albertina students’ company (in that time there were six students who came from Russia), rehearsed his famous ride on a cannon ball. So, Munchausen himself reached Saint Petersburg but his boot, that slipped off a baron’s foot and was forgotten in the hustle and bustle, remained lying near the cannon”, - museum employees say.

To celebrate the event, Director General Svetlana Sivkova and Maxim Grinevskiy, the head of the company for restoration works, signed a special “grant charter” certifying transference of the sculpture to the Museum of the World Ocean for safekeeping. As well, in honor of participants, guests and the hero of the day, whose spirit is for sure comes to old stomping grounds now and then, the gate constable Serge Michael of Friedrichsburg made a solemn cannon firing.

Moreover, everyone, who comes to the Friedrichsburg Gate, put their foot into the Munchausen’s jackboot and take a photo, will have a fabulous career and a very good luck! We’d like to remind that the Friedrichsburg Gate is an art object in a broad sense. Its history is closely related to the first Russian emperor, Peter the Great. The gate led to the Fort Friedrichsburg, where the young tsar learnt and mastered artillery. Today the territory of the gate houses Ship’s Revival Historical and Cultural Centre. The exhibition is devoted to origin and development of the Russian Navy.

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Wednesday-Sunday, 10.00 – 18.00.

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