Full Dress Uniform and Fates. Honor and Glory


The history of Russia is the history of all of us. A role of an individual in the history, an impact of governmental decisions on fates and lives of generations – understanding this subject is particularly important taking into account the results of the controversial 20th century, either the era of advances of human activities in diverse fields or full of horrible military conflicts. Wars, battles and revolutions left large scars in fates of Russian families and added a lot of dramatic pages into the national history. We remember rulers and commanders, who swayed the destinies of counties. At the same time, names and heroic deeds of soldiers, sailors and low-ranking officers are very often obscure and they disappear in the time stream.

In the year of the 300th anniversary since the declaration of the Russian Empire and the 325th jubilee of the Russian Navy, the Museum of the World Ocean in collaboration with the Suvorov Memorial Museum, involving the projects partners, such as the Museum of Sevastopol Heroic Defence, Central Naval Museum, Cultural Centre of the Baltic Fleet and a private military history archive, presents the exhibition Full Dress Uniform and Fates. Honor and Glory. With events and meaning, the new exhibition attempts to bridge the big history of the Fatherland and its defenders’ fates, who sacrificed their lives for peace. The exhibition features full dress uniforms, that used to belong to real officers of the Imperial Russian and Soviet Armies, who executed their duty both on land and at sea in different periods.

Displayed at the exhibition is a kaftan (full dress uniform) of low-ranking soldiers of the Semyonovsky Lifeguard Regiment. It belonged to soldier Makar Ivanov. Taking into account a 25-year service, the owner took part in the Suvorov's Italian and Swiss campaigns; he joined the Lifeguard for his merits and, probably reached Paris together with the Russian Army after the defeat of Napoleon. As well, a very interesting story, which embodied the fate of Russia of the 20th century, is devoted to biography of regular officers of the Imperial Russian Army – Vladimir Egoriev, the general who came over to the Red Army and served until his resignation, and Vasiliy Badanov, who first served in the Imperial Russian Army, then – in Admiral Kolchak’s army and finished his military career as the general of the Armoured Corps of the USSR. The uniforms are supplemented with arms, decorations, officers’ personal belongings as well as paintings, graphics and sculptures. Each item keeps person's fate, their joy and sorrow, their country’s glory and honor. Artifacts are ready to tell you about their owners, reveal pages of the autobiographies and one more time to take you through time and epochs following a Russian soldier’s and sailor’s path. Just come to the exhibition, look closely and listen attentively.

The exhibition Full Dress Uniform and Fates. Honor and Glory is on at Packgaus Exhibition Hall from November 4.
Wednesday – Monday, 10:00 – 18:00.


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