Exhibition ‘The Birds of the Baltic. In Harmony with the Water Element’

They merged into the landscape not to scare off their elegant models. They spent nights in the wood and got up before dawn to capture the hidden from a regular citizen. Patiently, they waited for a right moment, took pictures and then sorted hundreds and hundreds of gigabytes looking for “that very shot”. They are wildlife photographers. The Museum of the World Ocean and the Russian Union of Wildlife Photographers present a new exhibition ‘The Birds of the Baltic. In Harmony with the Water Element’.   

The study of avifauna in East Prussia and then in the Kaliningrad region has a history of two hundred years. However, detailed data on diversity of species, as well as the number and habitat of city’s and region’s birds was obtained only throughout last 35 years. We hear birdsongs in parks and forests but, unfortunately, we very often cannot tell which bird sings a certain song and how this bird looks like. Large amount of knowledge is still unavailable for mass readers and spectators. For example, only a few people know that rare and endangered species inhabit the Kaliningrad region.

Our exhibition is one more attempt to make a dialogue between human and nature, draw attention to those we may miss in a daily bustle. At the same time, significance of birds for human and nature is very high since birds are one of the most important biological chain links. The photographs are focused on the birds of the Baltic coast for the shore flora is a favorable habitat for many bird species.

The photographs at the exhibition are the result of patient work by 10 photographers, many of them are members of the Union of Wildlife Photographers of the Kaliningrad Region as well as prize-winners of diverse competitions. The Union takes part in numerous joint projects targeted at promotion of careful attitude to environment. Members of the union regularly hold photo exhibitions, meet to exchange best practices, organize photo expeditions, etc. The new exhibition project is timed for the 75th anniversary of the Kaliningrad region and it shapes a joint platform for interaction among photographers, professional ornithologists and nature fans, including support for joint ideas.
Welcome to the exhibition, come feel the harmony, beauty and elegancy of nature!

The project was prepared with the support of the Sony Centre in Kaliningrad.


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