Wonders of the Undersea World

Although the Ocean covers 70% of Earth we know so little about it…  Let’s “dive” into the world, where wonders are waiting for you under the water and nature amazes with its fantasy and inventive power. Packgaus exhibition centre invites you to the undersea world from the eyes of the famous Moscow sculptor Andrey Martz and divers, whose photographs portray sea inhabitants in various corners of the World Ocean.

Andrey Martz (1924–2002) is the author of animal sculptures, the Museum of the World Ocean’s pride. The sculptor knew many participants of expeditions on board the legendary Vityaz and other research vessels; he could watch and study marine life, hence depict their appearance from nature. Andrey Martz’s works create a fascinating sea world in metal. The author caught flexible and smooth lines, keenly noticed all the features, allowing to see a character of every single “model”.  Together, sculptures demonstrate an amazing harmony of the underwater world in its all shapes and sizes.

“Extraterrestrial” ‘Barracudas’, ‘Angler fish’, ‘Swordfish’, ‘Leaffish’ and ‘Coelacanth’ – Andrey Martz seems to “bring” for us to the surface the creatures, which only scientists could see before. Underwater photographs made by divers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Sweden, Germany, the Philippines and Thailand in different seas, oceans, rivers and lakes of the planet are striking features of the exhibition. Soaring rays, round dancing fish, “space” jellyfish, grand whales and deadly sharks – one can admire them forever! So diverse works, compiled in one room, show versatile underwater world, so wonderful, amazingly beautiful, charming and dangerous but at the same time vulnerable and demanding our protection.

The exhibition ‘Wonders of the Undersea World’ is on from February 4.

Packgaus exhibition centre, daily 10.00-18.00 (except Tuesday).

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