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Water Assembly-2016. Photo Report

World Modelshipbuilding Championship


From September 5, visitors of the Museum of the World Ocean can enjoy an unbelievably spectacular event – the World Modelshipbuilding Championship.

The best worldwide boat model makers’ models will be presented at the main museum building and Maritime Koenigsberg Kaliningrad as well as at several exhibition halls: over 100 participants from 13 countries will present 250 ship models (by the way, the registration continues and the list of countries is growing).  The variety of sailing boats, motor vessels, port facility models, ships in bottles, miniatures; models made of plastic, cardboard, paper and composite materials are displayed at the museum on September 5-11.

Two years ago Kaliningrad held the World Modelshipbuilding Championship already but the models presented were operating ones. This time, the organizers – the Federation of Ship Modeling Sport of Russia, the Museum of the World Ocean and the World Organisation for Modelshipbuilding and Modelshipsport (NAVIGA) – invite you to the championship of fixed boat models.  Aesthetics, authenticity and accuracy – these are the most important criteria here. The average price for such a model “floats” around 1 million roubles. However, we should keep in mind that it sometimes takes one year to create a model, then, let’s remember a long-term preparation period and so will understand how difficult and laborious the task is to make a “toy ship”. Boat model makers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy, Slovakia, China, France, Germany and many other countires are going to compete for points that raise both a ship model maker’s rating and model price. Participants from Kaliningrad present 5 to 10 models. Even Count Dracula’s homeland – Romania – a country pretty far from the sea, has sent its participants to the Championship.

And guests of the event are going to have fascinating time and take pictures. Moreover, both visitors and participants can get to know the museum collection of ship models – some of them are as small as a coin, other – as big as a table.

You are also welcome to learn more about the museum boat models in the catalogue Ship’s Revival, available at the museum souvenir shops. The closure and awarding ceremony are taking place on September 11, during Water Assembly Festival.


Water Assembly Festival

SarV-33The Museum of the World Ocean invites you to Water Assembly Festival held at the Historical Fleet Embankment on September 11. The festival starts at 10:00 and is held in the Pregol River near the Naval Centre and the Port Administration. This year, the event is dedicated to the Year of Cinema and the 70th anniversary of Kaliningrad Oblast. The World Boat Modeling Championship will be held during the festival as well, presenting 250 boat models. So, we have prepared a lot of surprises, films, competitions, performances and, of course, the traditional regatta Vityaz Mile for our visitors.

Our guests are going to watch a parade of the historic and traditional boats, visit all the exhibitions and drop in at Bosun’s Store antique market as well as feel the atmosphere of the holiday at the concert and various workshops.

Moreover, thanks to the support of the U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg we are receiving a guest from the USA who is coming with a traditional boat of the west area of North America. The resident from the far state Indiana, Erik Vosteen, is going to reveal the secrets of how to make a dug-out. These small boats were built as far back as 10,000 years ago. And they are still made today; their production technique, shape and size are the same as well as their use.

The transatlantic guest built his first boat together with schoolchildren in 2006. Since that time, his hobby became a work. Throughout 10 years, Erik Vosteen made over a dozen canoes using diverse materials: elm bark, spruce, moose skins, etc.

Erik is going to make a boat on-site – just during the festival. We have already prepared a 5-meter linden trunk to be transformed into a traditional dug-out of the Great Lakes. Everyone can take part in making a dug-out and our American guest is sure he will enjoy sharing the history and experience of the craft as well as communicating with visitors of the festival. He also hopes to learn more about the traditional Baltic boats and establish cultural relations with the Amber Land.

Presentation of the Photo Album Krasin


On July 12, 1928, the icebreaker Krasin saved the survived  members of Umberto Nobile’s expedition.

On July 12, 2016, the Museum of the World Ocean commemorates the heroic event at Packgaus exhibition hall by presenting the photo album published by Paulsen Editions. In 2017, the icebreaker Krasin (Branch of the Museum of the World Ocean in Saint Petersburg) celebrates her 100th anniversary. She has been an icebreaker-warrior, icebreaker-toiler, icebreaker-explorer and icebreaker-museum – there are so many pages in her biography! She has been a hero of articles, books, TV-programmes, research works and documentaries. The Red Tent, a joint Soviet/Italian 1968 feature film, is also devoted to the legendary icebreaker.

The photo album The Icebreaker Krasin. The History in Photographs is a result of the museum employees’ years-long work. It is based on the museum depository materials, supplemented with photographs from private collections, other museums and archives.

The main part of the photographs related to the Russian Far East period (1934-1950) is located at the Historical Museum of G.I. Nevelskoi Maritime State University (Vladivostok) and the Russian Far East Marine Steamship Line (Vladivostok). These photographs were kindly given for the publication.

The photo album devoted to the Krasin is a present for everyone who was interrelated with her, who is interested in the maritime history, the history of the Arctic exploration, and the history of Russia.


The Long Sausage Day - 2016

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