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The Long Night of Museums 2019


On the Long Night of Museums the Museum of the World Ocean is going to become a theatre!

Only this night all the museum objects will transform into stages where guests can experience diverse kinds and forms of theatre arts. The permanent exhibitions will be reconsidered as stage genres.

The exhibition Depth will be given a new coat of paint: the Kaliningrad Regional Puppet Theatre is going to present a show for young visitors in the evening, and at midnight – experiments and performances. A new exhibition “When the Volga Was a Sea” – a true sea of the Jurassic Period inhabited by sea reptiles – will be the climax of the Night!

All evening long guests will plunge into the ocean of museum theatre stages. Laboratories and cabins on board the R/V Vityaz will take on life as if it has already returned from an expedition.

The Congress Hall of the main museum building is hosting the International Studio Theatre of Labiau Castle with a musical and mysterious thriller “A Collector of Puppets” and the Kaliningrad Regional Music Theatre with its new and best works.

The ethnographic exhibition “The World of Travel” at Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad is a zest and theatre-like itself since it features the dramatic world of rituals and traditions of the other part of the globe.

Come and entertain yourself at art zones of a shadow puppetry and an absolutely freaky photo zone “A Trick of the Light” where one can take a professional photograph and find the best selfie angle.

Of course, there will be special guided tours, platforms for creativity and media zones for every category of visitors!

P.S. The best street musicians start performing at the museum embankment at 7 pm.


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