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Collection of amber in Museum of the World Ocean consists of geological and paleontological objects, several archeological items and amber decorative art. It is not very large (4 000 objects only) but there are some unique exhibits. The collection started forming in 1993. In 2001, it was decided to create an exposition named The Amber Cabin and locate it aboard the Vityaz.

Geological Part


The most part of the geological amber collection consists of the Baltic amber. The biggest unque exhibit has got 1208 gm in weight. The collection is also presented by amber objects almost from all over the world.

Paleontological collection

One third of the museum amber collection with organic inclusion is presented by a fragment of an old German collection. Forty-four of them were either created or defined by M. Zelnik (1981, 1931).


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Amber with an inclusion (Prenolepis sp.)

From German collection

Amber with an inclusion (Heteroptera, Tingidae, Tinginae)

From German collection
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Amber with an inclusion (Psocoptera)

From German collection

Amber with an inclusion (Coleoptera, Steninae, Staphylinidae)

From German collection
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 list clip image072

Amber with an inclusion (flower)

From German collection

Amber with an inclusion (Dermaptera)

From German collection
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Amber with an inclusion (flower)

From German collection

Amber with a unique print of a leaf (Аngiospermae)


Archeological collection

8 amber beads (Y-YII centuries).


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Decorative and applied art

Here you can find works by Russian artists. The major part of the collection is presented by Kaliningrad craftsmen.


katalog clip image026 0003 katalog clip image004 

Boat model of the English battleship Victory

Kaliningrad, 2007

Decorative picture World Map

Pushkin, 2001
katalog clip image002 0002 katalog clip image014 0002 

Smoking pipe

Germany, mid-XIX century

Table set

Kaliningrad, 2005
katalog clip image040  katalog clip image006 0003 


Kaliningrad, 2007

Hawk moth

Kaliningrad, 2008
katalog clip image042  katalog clip image058 

Globe (stylized design of the XIX century)

Kaliningrad, 2002

Decorative picture Water Element in a decorative frame Sea Animals

Pushkin, 2004
image002 0000  katalog clip image002 0000 

Souvenir devoted to the Vityaz

Kaliningrad, 2000

Wanderer, Sculpture

Pushkin, 2000


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