Dear friends!

Museum of the World Ocean is constructing new objects – The Planet Ocean main exhibition building, a museum depository and other buildings, so the museum territory will transform into a large construction site soon. We installed a web-cam on the roof of the main building and now you can watch our development and transformation.

We may say that wind of changes started blowing again and we set our sails for a circumnavigation and hope it will be happy and adventurous! Once a famous oceanologist Veniamin Bogorov wrote in his letter to a crew of the first voyage on the Vityaz: “You’ve already started a voyage. Let God and good people help you, but rely on yourself”.

In my opinion, these are good words about our work and you can follow its stages on the web-page via the web-cam. Please, write your comments in the Guestbook. If you wish to support us, please, go to the subpage Sponsorship. We are sure that your support and assistance will help us to overcome all the difficulties, make a circumnavigation and present you a wonderful Planet Ocean we will see during the voyage.

We would also like to tell that despite the changes the museum does not close its doors for visitors: the Vityaz, the SRT-129, the submarine, the Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev, the aquariums, Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad as well as the Koenig and the Friedrichsburg Gates welcome visitors same as before!

 Svetlana Sivkova

Director General of Museum of the World Ocean


Dear friends! You can take part in construction of the new building of Museum of the World Ocean with your donation. Donation is transferred to the museum account by a payment order. Please, find bank details and a template of a payment order here.


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