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Scientific-research vessel VITYAZ

The research vessel Vityaz is a legendary ship in the history of oceanography; she made an outstanding contribution to the exploration of the World Ocean. The vessel made 65 scientific research expeditions, covered approximately 800 000 miles and made 7 942 scientific stations. She completed measurements of the Mariana Trench (11 022 m) and discovered siboglinidae, a new species. The school of national oceanology was founded aboard the Vitiaz, with scientists from 50 Soviet research institutes and 20 countries participating in the expeditions.
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The decision to preserve the ship and create a museum exposition aboard was made in 1990. The Museum of the World Ocean originated from the Vityaz, which remains our main object and the centre of the museum embankment.

Ship horn sound

Ship characteristics

The Vityaz is a single-screw double-decker motor vessel. She has a straight raked stem, a sharp flare and a cruiser stern.
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General figures:

Overall length – 109.44 m 
Beam on load waterline - 14.56 m
Midship section – 8.75 m
Full-load draught – 5.86 m
Displacement – 5 710 t
Endurance of a ship- 18 500 miles
Engine power – 3000 hp
Speed - 14 knots
Working depth for deep-anchoring, trawling, bottom, tests, etc. – 11 000 m

Crew - 66 persons
Research staff - 70 persons



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