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The Planet Ocean Exposition Complex


The Planet Ocean will become a dominant structure of a new museum centre comprising the Naval Centre, Water Cube, Depth exposition and museum depository and OCEANiA educational centre.

Such a fullscale museum centre will become a unique scientific-research complex that preserves and presents the Knowledge of the Ocean.

The architectural concept of the centre consists of geometric figures: a sphere and a cube. The expositional building has a spherical form that corresponds the form of Earth. The museum depository and pavillions of the Naval Centre and the educational centre have a cubic form associated with the unit of measurement of the Ocean.


The architectural concept was developed by O.Romanov Architectural Studio (Saint-Petersburg, 2011)

The working design was performed by the Design Office of Tall and Subsurface Structures OJSC (A. Panfyorov, Director General, Saint-Petersburg, 2012)

The project is financed by the Culture of Russia Federal Target Programme 2012-2018





The Planet Ocean Exposition Complex

Concept of the exposition
The modern research vessel named Planet Ocean travels round the globe to discover, explore and preserve the World Ocean and to answer the question: what can humankind hope for today?

The Planet Ocean Ship
•    is “moored” at the Historic Fleet Embankment
•    houses maritime collections acquired in expedition
•    finds, studies and presents the newest information about the Ocean
•    laboratories of Earth, Life, Water, Air, Space and Beauty are located aboard

Exploratorium is the main way to present the expositions
Expedition crews on the Planet Ocean ship will get to know everything about the Ocean: receive on-line data about the planet, traverse huge seawater aquariums, visit the observatory and cinema planetarium, take part in interactive lessons and touch most of the exhibits!

Exposition terms
Laboratories = exposition sections
A member of the expedition = a visitor
The Planet Monitor = a guide
An expedition = a guided-tour
Cabins = exhibition rooms
A mess room = a caf?
Bosun’s store = a souvenir shop
A saloon = a conference hall

•    Science Park
•    Amber Sea lounge
•    Marina
•    Naval parades square

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