Science and Research

Any museum is based on an idea. Our museum is devoted to ocean study and it started from the idea to save and restore the legendary scientific-research vessel Vityaz. The history of study and exploration of the World Ocean is still the main branch of the museum activity.

Gradually other scientific branches became an integral part of our work. Aquaria study, restoration and conservation of museum ships, underwater archeology and other activities contribute to successful enlargement of collections, custody of exhibits and creation of proper expositions... The results of our study are present not only in the expositions and exhibitions but in the publications as well. By providing our collections to historians, archeologists, art historians, paleontologists, biologists and other specialists we participate in their work and our own research reveal new sources for researchers and scientists.

Curator for scientific work

Larisa Zubina

Deputy Director General for Science
Candidate of Biology
007 4012 53-89-15
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