Map of the museum objects

 lavn korpus  korolevskie  frinrihsburgskie
The Museum of the World Ocean
     (Main Building)        
 1, Naberezhnaya Petra Velikogo
The Grand Embassy Historical and Cultural Centre in the Koenig Gate    
112, Frunze Street
The Ship’s Revival Historical and Cultural Centre in the Friedrichsburg Gate 
39, Portovaya Street




How to Get



 All the transport

to Yunost Sports Complex


 to the Kaliningrad Hotel

 All the transport

to the Koenig Gate

 All the transport

to Oblastnoy Centre Kultury Molodezhi stop (Rubin shop) in Leninsky Prospekt



karta kaliningrada


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 Opening hours and days     Ticket price 

Please, call us to get information about opening hours and days, ticket prices, excursions, lectures, lessons, events, concerts and exhibitions.  
Information: 007 (4012) 34-02-44, 007 (4012) 53-89-15; 007 (4012) 53-88-04.
To book excursions, lessons and lectures, please, call: 007 (4012) 53-17-44.
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