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Attention! A guided-tour is organized for a group of at least five persons. If there are fewer visitors in a group then a needed number of discount tickets for pupils should be acquired. This rule is relevant to the following museum objects: the research vessel Vityaz, the submarine, the Main building, Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad and the research vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev.

Attention! The submarine, the fishing boat and Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev are available with guided-tours only.

On-line booking is not yet available for the Ship’s Revival in the Friedrichsburg Gate and the icebreaker Krasin (Saint-Petersburg).


Scientific-research vessel Vityaz
Vityaz, Flagship of Science
You will learn about contribution of the Vityaz into the study of the World Ocean, the work of scientists on board, the equipment of labs and decks, and the unique world-scale discoveries due to which the Vityaz is entered in the scrolls of oceanography.
Following Maritime Expeditions’ Routes
You will take a trip to the age of the Great Geographic Discoveries; see faraway lands through the eyes of medieval seafarers, artists, and scholars; follow the expedition routes of four Russian ships under the name of Vityaz; familiarise with the history of ocean studies.
Journey at the Bottom of the Sea
Descending into the ship’s hold, you will learn about exploration of the ocean depths and the work of undersea archaeologists, peep into the Beebe-Barton bathysphere, step on board of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s famed Calypso, and take a virtual dive into the Mariana Trench.
Ship’s Story
You will learn about an extraordinary history of the legendary ship, about a complex organism where everything is interrelated. The restored interiors tell about crew’s life on board, from a common seaman to the captain.
From Keel to Truck
Walking this route you get introduced to the design features of a vessel of the first half of the XX century, Mars/Vityaz, and the work of shipborne machinery; you will visit the engine room (‘ship’s heart’), the hold, the radio cabin, and other ship’s rooms and areas inaccessible for viewing on other routes.
Submarine B-413
From the History of Submarine Fleet of Russia
Finding yourself inside the compartments of a real sub, you will be surprised how limited the living space of undersea sailors is. The compartments are crammed to the utmost with instruments and devices used for control over submarine motion, its diving and surfacing, and its weapons. Take your chance to visit the conning tower and have a glimpse of the city through the periscope!
Scientific-research vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev
Space Odyssey
The excursion will introduce you to the history of space exploration, a constellation of eminent Russian cosmonauts, and international space programmes. You have an opportunity to see cinema footage of man’s first flight to space and get to know about the fate of this country’s legendary space fleet.
The Creation
Try it together with us: finding answers to the questions that have agitated the mankind throughout its history. Where did this world come from and what are the main stages of its formation? How did the Earth originate? When was the universe born? This excursion is an attempt to tell about man’s aspiration, since the primordial times, to comprehend the arrangement of Creation.
Fishing trawler SRT-129
Pioneers of Oceanic Fishing
The excursion tells about the heroic labour of fishermen, the genesis and development of fishery in Kaliningrad region and the country as a whole.
Exclusive interactive excursion The Big Fishery
Take your chance to feel yourself a member of the SRT-129 fishing trawler’s crew! Become a deck hand, a bosun, a trawl master, a fishery foreman… You will make a virtual "fishing sortie", getting acquainted with all the aspects of fishermen’s laborious job.
Icebreaker Krasin
General excursion of the Krasin icebreaker
Learn about the history of the icebreaker fleet, explorations of the Arctic, feats of the Krasin’s crew, the famous Umberto Nobile rescue expedition of 1928, and ship’s participation in the polar convoys during the Great Patriotic war.
Main Building
World of the Ocean. A Glimpse…
You will learn about the origins of life on the Earth, discover the wondrous world of sea inhabitants, meet face-to-face with sharks and piranhas, and make it to an enigmatic coral reef. The excursion will bring you closer to finding answers to the mysteries of the largest inhabitants of the ocean, the whales, and the Shores exhibition will introduce you to the versatility of sea coastlines.
Glass-Shored Ocean
Expert biologists will introduce you to the museum’s unique aquarium complex and tell about the specifics of sea aquarium keeping. You will get to know interesting facts from the history of aquarium business and life of sea organisms in an artificial environment, see exotic inhabitants of the tropical ocean waters
Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad
The exposition is devoted to the maritime history of the city. In the centre of the exposition is an archaeological find The XIX Century Ship, a link between the past and the future. The unique articles, maps, ship models, and paintings serve to reveal the nautical essence of the old city which is looking into the future with confidence.
Koenig Gate
Grand Embassy
This is an excursion about the emergence and development of the fortress city, visits to Koenigsberg by prominent figures and the Grand Embassy of Peter the Great, origination of Russian diplomacy in these parts, the embassies and consulates, and long-standing links between this land and Russia. Displayed on the first floor is a collection of XIII–XIX century bricks found during excavations on the site of the Koenigsberg Castle whose construction marked the town’s history starting point over seven and a half centuries ago.
Yeast Koenigsberg
This route is devised on the basis of the notes of a 19th century guard; it includes a walk of the Koenig Gate and a secret passageway in the earthen rampart, plus a tasting session in the Reduit restaurant’s brewery. Accompany us to make a round of the guards, see what is hidden behind the inaccessible facades of the old defensive works and underground, observe the live drink in the making, and make an uneasy choice between the light and the dark…
Interactive exhibitions, master classes, etc.
Brain contest Sea Battle
Test yourself in a blitz tournament, challenge a team of rival wits, check your knowledge of the nature and the history of ocean exploration in a maritime action adventure. All you need is to demonstrate your acumen and sagacity, and the victory will be yours!
Interactive exhibition Riddles of the Ocean
We invite children to an exciting session where one can handle museum rarities, scrutinise the dummies of animals and fish, look at the world of the ocean through a microscope, and take along memories in the form of a self-made marine creature.
Master class Craftsmen’s Island
In the course of an applied session the young artisans will learn the basics of the ancient oriental art of origami, fold paper figurines of sea animals, learn interesting facts of the sea inhabitants’ life.
Art studio Marine Colours
Young marinists will try stained glass painting, learn to depict sea inhabitants, make their own unusual souvenir – a "mermaid’s casket", have an opportunity to do easel painting.
Holiday at the museum
Birthday at the Museum of the World Ocean
The birthday kid can become commander of a submarine, captain of the legendary Vityaz or, possibly, leader of a pirate party. Accompanied by friends, they will venture on an exciting journey to the inhabitants of sea depths, make a time travel to the era of Great Geographic Discoveries and the Golden Age of pirates, and find a treasure!
Birthday at the Koeng Gate
Your kid and their friends will be able to make an unforgettable travel in time, encounter historical characters, find themselves in the time of the knights and the period of Peter the Great, engage in engrossing games and contests, and pay a visit to the famous Prussian Cat, keeper of the city keys.
Wedding procession – through the Koenig Gate
We invite the newlyweds on the day of their wedding to come to the Koenig Gate and leave a message in the Love Story book, a handwritten chronicle of those in love. And the celebrated Prussian Cat, keeper of the Koenig Gate, will eternally guard your alliance. Your friends will be able to make video and digital records of the gala ceremony and memorable certificate commitment.
And that is far from all!
Duration of the excursions is 40–60 min. The routes and duration can be adapted according to your wishes. The groups number up to 30 people, interactive excursions for children – up to 15.
If you would like to book a guided tour in Museum of the World Ocean (Kaliningrad, Russia), please, call:
007 4012 531744 (Wednesday-Sunday);
007 4012 340211 (Monday and Tuesday).
If you would like to book a guided tour on the icebreaker Krasin (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), please, call:
007 812 3253547.


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