Special Opportunities (for handicapped people)


  • Programmes for kids

Museums educate and connect people. Both healthy and challenged children visit our museum.
These kinds are unique for us and that is why a special programme Ships for Unique People . was elaborated for them. It helps to broaden children’s worldview, reveal their creative potential and contribute to equality. . Adapted excursions and museum lessons were specially created for unique children; concerts and meetings with interesting people are held. The basis is acknowledgement with nature, in particular with the ocean. Physically challenged children attend lessons together with healthy kids, so communication gaps are filled in.
The museum has got a particularly close cooperation with specialists from Kaliningrad Regional Institute for Development of Education, with teachers from boarding school for visually impaired children and Rehabilitation Centre.
Lessons are held according to individual schedule. Curator: Svetlana Yarets, research officer of museum pedagogics sector. Tel.: 007.4012.34.02.44; 007.4012.53.05.47.
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