Additional Services


Dear friends, partners and colleagues!
We offer you to hold your business meetings, workshops, conferences and exhibitions as well as celebrate special events such as wedding, awards ceremony, graduate prom and charitable action in the museum. Comfortable halls, modern equipment and fine marine design are at your service.


Guest Cabins

The Museum of the World Ocean is glad to offer single and double rooms to its friends, partners and those who studies and loves the sea. Guests can stay on the legendary R/V Vityaz for a reasonable price. The museum complex is located in the centre of Kaliningrad with a well-developed infrastructure.  Our guests will find everything for their comfortable
and economical stay. Maximum number of guests – 15. The museum service includes the following as well:
  • leasing service – conference halls for 10 to200 people with a lingaphone equipment and technical support;
  • caf? and with a full menu, catering service;
  • souvenir shops and on-line ticketing on the museum web-site.

You can book a guest cabin by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or using the service.

Congress Hall in the Main Museum Building


The Congress Hall is a perfect place to hold conferences, workshops, concerts, exhibitions and solemn events. The hall is equipped with modern professional equipment: simultaneous interpreting system, multimedia devices, big screen, document camera, overhead projector, audio conference system and wi-fi. Area: 240 m?, number of people: 200-220.

Oval Hall in the Main Building
It is nice to hold meetings and workshops. The hall is equipped with multimedia devices, a big screen, an overhead projector and Internet access. Size: 40 m?, number of people: 20-25.

Halls at Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad Complex

Cosy atmosphere of the old town in the Maritime Koenigsberg-Kaliningrad complex is favourable for holding solemn events, concerts and meet-the-artist events. The hall is equipped with modern multimedia devices. Area: 209 m?, number of people: 200.


Marine Hall on the R/V Vityaz

The stylized Marine Hall onboard the R/V Vityaz is perfect to hold holidays, business-meetings and negotiations. It is possible to use portable equipment. Area: 40 km?; number of people: 40. Coffee breaks and stand-up meals can be organized for the events.

The Koenig Gate and the Friedrichsburg Gate
The halls of the Koenig Gate and the Friedrichsburg Gate are ready to receive honored guests, hold wedding ceremonies, music evenings, fancy-dress parties and kids’ birthdays. Here, in the atmosphere of the old town, amazing events and meetings take place. A courtyard at the Friedrichsburg Gate is a perfect place to hold unforgettable solemn events and receive up to 60 guests. We are happy to make you a special offer – a wedding cortege through the Koenig Gate. The Museum of the World Ocean and Kaliningrad registry offices will register your marriage at the Koenig Gate. You can declare your love to each other in “The Book of Love”, read your notes on family jubilees and once again recall the magic moments of your wedding.
On a contract basis the Museum of the World Ocean grants the right to reproduction of museum exhibits, collections, buildings and objects located on the museum territory for the purpose of publication of research works, commercial use, replicated materials production, etc. as well as study of the museum collections. Coffee breaks and stand-up meals can be organized for the events held in the Museum of the World Ocean.
Please, contact us: 007(4012) 53-05-47.
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