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Scientific-research Vessel «KOSMONAVT VIKTOR PATSAYEV»


The research vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev is the only vessel designed for space communication in the world with a museum exposition aboard. In 2001, the ship was moored at the museum quay. That is perhaps the reason she was spared, unlike the other vessels of the flotilla.

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The research vessel Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev witnessed significant milestones in Soviet space exploration. She participated in creating the national nuclear-missile shield and was used in the testing and flight of spacecraft. After the Soviet Union was broken up and a difficult economic situation in the 1990s, the fleet was dissolved.

The vessel was named after Viktor Patsayev, an astronaut, Hero of the Soviet Union and our fellow townsman. On November 24, 1978 a pennant of the USSR Academy of Sciences was hoisted. Till 1994 the vessel was a part of a terminal complex used to control satellites and interplanetary stations, to receive and process information and to communicate with astronauts. She was a range ship equipped with antennas and electronics and sailed the World Ocean. Even today the ship performs the same tasks as 30 years ago: she provides communication with the International Space Station.

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General figures: 
-Length – 121.8 m;
-Width – 16.7 m;
-Displacement – 6360 t;
-Draught – 6.6 m;
-Speed – 14.7 knots;
-Engine power – 5200 hp;
-Crew – 60 persons;
-Research staff – 77 persons.



800px-НИС Космонавт Виктор Пацаев

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