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Postern art salon

A postern (French: poterne) is a secondary gate in a fortification. It is located near the Koenig Gate and was an integral part of the Second defensive 15-km wall that encircled Koenigsberg in the XIX century.

In the postwar period the postern was neglected, used as a storehouse and was on the verge of ruin. In 2005, as an architectural monument of regional significance, it was passed to the Museum of the World Ocean for restoration.

The Koenigsberg brick of the defensive wall and the “patrol passage” are protected with a near-waterproof ceramic surface. This was not enough to preserve all of the construction. Lack of dampproof resulted in a great deal of destruction. Brickwork constantly got wet and joints were covered with moss and fungi. Some bricks were cracked and water penetrated them. In winter, the water froze and damaged the bricks even more. An arch was being destroyed by tree roots growing on the rampart. Restorers reinforced the arches, impregnated brickwork with special solutions, sandpapered the bricks and evened-out their colour . Restoration works were completed in April 2008.

Today the postern houses an art salon where you can buy fine souvenirs produced by Tsarskoye Selo workshop.

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