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For Tourist Agencies


Dear tourists and leaders of tourist groups!

Museum of the World Ocean is glad to cooperate with Russian and foreign tourist organizations. In this section you will find the information about our service and prices. The museum offers agency agreements, discounts and exclusive routes for tourist agencies.

Bonus for tourist groups

To improve our service for tourist groups the museums make an offer: every tenth ticket is free for groups paying in cash. See you in the museum!

We are glad to answer your questions, please, call: 007.4012.53.89.15; 007.4012.53.05.47.
Museum of the World Ocean gives a right for reproduction of the museum exhibits, collections, buildings, objects located on its territory for the purposes of publication, research work, commercial and advertising use, information materials, etc. as well as for research of museum objects and collections. Coffee-breaks and stand-up meals can be organized during events in Museum of the World Ocean.
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