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Main Building. Depth Exposition




In December 2015, a new exposition called Depth was opened in the main building. It gives the information about the history of the World Ocean exploration and its development. Here one can see sets of devices and equipment for the ocean exploration. A famous deep-submergence vehicle Mir-1 which was used while shooting James Cameron's Titanic and the world's largest sperm whale skeleton became the main exhibit objects.

The exposition shows the collections of marine instruments and equipment of the ocean exploration, deep submergence vehicles and so on.

Visitors of the exhibition are given a rare opportunity to climb into a descent module (space capsule), Tethys submersible, and pressure chamber.

Visitors can also watch movies devoted to the World Ocean and its exploration of the oceanic depth.

Mir’s general characteristics:

  • Test depth: 6,000 m
  • Energy store (battery): 100 kWh
  • Life-support systems: 246 man-hour
  • Maximum speed: 5 knots
  • Maximum payload: 290 kg
  • Dry weight: 18.6 t
  • Length: 7.8 m
  • Beam (with side propellers): 3.8 m
  • Height: 3 m
  • Complement: 3
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