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Ship Models

The collection of boat models has existed since the early days of the museum. Nowadays there are over 160 models in the collection. The exhibits present the Age of Discovery, significant voyages, Russian circumnavigations in the XVII-XIX centuries, exploration of the Polar areas by Russian mariners as well as by Soviet and Russian researchers nowadays. The models were made by the best artists from Russia and abroad.

 transport baykal

Bark Krusenstern

Odessa, 2009

War transport Baikal

Severodvinsk, 1996

Sloop Mirny

Leningrad, 1989

Koch (late XVII – early XVIII centuries)

Vologda, 1995

Small fishing trawler Sokrat

Kaliningrad, 2007

Curonian kurenas boat

Klaipeda, 2005
 svyatoy gavriil

Research vessel Persey

Leningrad, 1991

Boat St. Gavriil

Sebastopol, 2011
 san antonio

Carrack San-Antonio

Saratov, 1991

Mediterranean pink (ХVII-XIX centuries)


Galleass Elena


Three-masted galley Dvina

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