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The collection of maps started forming from the first days of Museum of the World Ocean. Nowadays there are over 1 300 of various exhibits in the collection. The aim of the collection is to present the World Ocean in all of its aspects as completely as possible.

Map of Pillau, late XVI century-early XVII century

karta pillau s 

Map of Prussia, 1571 (Ortelius A., Zell H.)

 karta prussii ortelius s

Political and administrative map of Prussia, 1701 (I.B. Hofmann)

 karta prussii homann s

Geomorphological map of underwater part of underwater part of the Kuril Islands (north-east part), 1961

 geomorfologicheskaya karta s

Bathymetrical map of the World Ocean, 1977

 batimetricheskaya karta s

Map of European part of Russia from a world atlas, created in accordance with Dufour, 1857

 karta evropeyskoy chasti rossii s

Map of Russia, 1753

 karta rossii s


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