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Secrets of Starry Sky

Museum of the World Ocean invites you to How Far the Stars Are exhibition that acquaints you with the lamps of the night. The exposition is located on the most “starry” ship moored at the Historical Fleet Embankment, aboard the Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev, a ship for space communication. Exhibits will tell you about Friedrich Bessel’s life and work. He was an outstanding German astronomer and had lived and worked in Koenigsberg for 40 years. It was here where he caused a sensation in astronomy by estimating the distance to a fixed star when he was a professor at the university and a director of Koenigsberg observatory.

Friedrich Wilhelm BESSEL (1784-1846) was born in Minden. This year is his 230th jubilee and the exhibition itself that was created in the astronomer’s motherland is a present from Germany to Kaliningrad. The exposition was created by students and teachers of Bessel Gymnasium in Minden. In 1984, they made their first exposition devoted to the 200th scientist’s jubilee. In 1996, new exhibits appeared and the old ones were restored. In 2004, a professional designer worked at the exhibition and then it was given to the Prussia Museum in Minden for storage. And from there the exhibition came to the Amber Land after several years. It gives a perfect opportunity to see astronomical miracles to all the visitors of Museum of the World Ocean.

By touching operating models in the exposition you can try to reveal secrets of starry sky. “Parallax” and “heliometers” – what do these unfamiliar words mean? You can learn their meaning at How Far the Stars Are exhibition, moreover, you will learn much more interesting things.

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